Make Opening and Closing Your Gate Easy

Install a gate operator in Jacksonville or elsewhere in Northeast Florida

Manually opening and closing your gate gets old fast. If you're ready to save yourself some hassle, turn to LV Fence and Gates for gate operator installation services. We can install gate operator for all types of gates, including ones that slide open horizontally or swing open on hinges.

You'll love how easy it is for you to access your property without compromising on overall home safety. After all, an automated gate makes it harder for intruders to get through your gate. Schedule your operator installation in Jacksonville or elsewhere in Northeast Florida today.

Fix your broken gate operator fast

LV Fence and Gates doesn't just do gate operator installations. We also repair broken gate operator. You can hire us to address common issues like...

  • Dead batteries
  • Misaligned sensors
  • Loose or worn-out parts
We'll make sure you can operate your gate correctly in no time. Ask about our flexible in-house financing options today.

More convenience. Better security.

What's the point in having a fence if people can just walk right up to your home from your driveway? Keep unwanted guests off your lawn with an automatic gate from LV Fence and Gates.

Our electric entrance gate openers can operate via telephone, keypad entry, mobile app or key card. You can choose whichever option you feel provides the right amount of secure access to your surroundings. With an automatic gate opener, you'll be able to secure your property from all sides but still have convenient access when you come and go.

Turn to us for automatic gate operator installation services in Jacksonville, FL or beyond.